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Para Ordinance 1911 Black Ops

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I just started a new part time job at a local chain store(the Rural Walmart so to speak) selling firearms. Well I haven't been particularly impressed by anything we have in stock. All very nice and pretty but not enough to "pull the trigger", lol. Then I found this in 14/45...



I knew Para Ordinance sounded familiar. Turns out their 14rnd mags fit in my Taurus PT145 MilPro. So now I'm thinking this would be a great compliment to my Taurus(my CCW) as a primary sidearm for SHtF and our Scenario 3gun competitions. If by chance the Para goes down, the Taurus could back up and use the same mags.

Then there's the lifetime warranty as well. I would hope so for the price tag.

The nice thing is, we're under MSRP and have Layaway, 10% down and 90 days. Admittedly, it's 3 maybe 4 pay checks but it's"extra" money anyway. So I keep telling myself, lol.


Thoughts, experiences?

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Well, I did it. $1,100 later I got my Para. Unfortunately I wont get any range time till Wednesday. I'll post more pics as I get them, but here's one "new in the case".


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Here is a neat little feature the they don't even mention. There is a tiny slot in the back of the barrel/chamber so you can see if a round is chambered. I like the Taurus and Ruger versions better since they offer a tactile component. But I didn't even expect this so I'll take it. The first pic is empty, the second is of a chambered round.

And my "Dynamic Duo" locked and loaded with 14/45 mags. Further review to come.



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My Springfield also has the "loaded chamber" window... I'm more accustomed to use those front serrations to pull the slide back a lil' bit and get a 100% visual. Looks like a nice gun, awaiting the range report.

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I bought a para slide for a build and was real pleased with the fit and finish of it, you could tell it was a well made item. my brother in law is a big long time para fan and now I'm giving picking up one of their double stack 9s some thought.

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