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WTS - Due to health getting out of SAIGA .308 hobby..

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Fellow members and visitors…

Do to some extreme health issues, I’m getting out of my SAIGA .308 hobby. unhappy.gif 

This is a package deal for the whole thing… I don’t really want to attempt to part-out the various items…


 REDUCED WTS - $1,000.00 + shipping  


This weapon is the 4th .308 Saiga conversion I’ve done. It was completed about

Five (5) years ago. I ran ~20 rounds through the weapon to verify function and safety,

and then put it away… my go-to-weapon in case of zombie uprising…


The basic weapon is a Saiga .308, 16”. It has a T-6 stock installed. I had Cobra install his “T6-buffer” in the stock to reduce recoil.. It has a G2 trigger group from Dinzag along with a pistol hand grip and forward hand guard brace.

All in all a nice, basic modification.

I also did the modification to the stock magazine to convert it from 8 rounds to a nine-ten (9-10) round capability.

Photo is of weapon as it sets today. See below for additional modifications done/started…




I am also including three (3) Surefire magazines (two have been used in previous weapons, one is new), and three (3) Pro-Mag magazines that have been loaded but never used.






I decided about three and ½ years ago to do some additional modifications to the weapon, as the photo shows.

I decided to change the rails, sights, etc. on the weapon. I wanted to give it a longer and more accurate sight picture using the open sights, sorta the SIG or POF look..

I removed the front and rear sights (they are included), in plastic zip-lock bags.


I removed the cover and installed one with the full top rail. It mounts into the rear sight area and screws into the top of the rear stock mount. It seems to be very solid. I installed a flip up rear sight on this rail.


I then modified a quad-rail made for the AK 7.65 x 39. It fits the weapon very tight and also provides the mount point for the flip up front sight. This modified unit HAS NOT been coated where I did the modifications. I would suggest some “final fitting” and then a good coat of color for the unit.


I purchased the DIE and a Muzzle Break from Brian to thread the barrel and add the muzzle break.

This is when I had my major health issues…  The threading is NOT completed at this point. The DIE and Muzzle Break are included in zip-lock bags


There are other spare and misc. parts included…

  BARSKA 1-3x30 IR (Multi Rail) scope,

  Dinzag modified fire/safety lever with the BHO (Bolt Hold Open) modification…

  Dinzag modified regular BHO lever with the spring, never installed..

  Stock BHO with spring.

  Extra Hammer Spring…

  Factory sling (never installed)…

  Receiver cover with rings and Weaver Rail on top…

Factory oil can, brushes, etc.

  Factory rear stock…




There is an over-size hard case included with this weapon also.


I expect the shipping to be about $50-$70 total, ground UPS…

I can only ship the weapon to a FFL dealer and will need a signed copy of their license.

BE SURE they will accept shipment from an individual (non FFL).

I can ship the weapon (with minimal parts) to the FFL and the balance of the parts (bulk) directly to the purchaser.

 Insurance will be added (at buyers cost) if you want it.


Thanks for looking…






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Crunching numbers on the money should know in a day or so.


If we cannot would mind if I mentioned it to some other people ?

BTW there was a guy looking for a 16" in the 308 section recently, may be screwing myself here but suggest dropping him a message.


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Back from Hospital stay, UCK...

     Price reduced to $700.0 + shipping.


Will get more pictures if anyone wants....

DON'T want to start splitting this up... to much work on this tired old body...

YES!,  will for sure take it if still for sale

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Sorry for the extended delay, Had major surgery and still not 100%.


Some individual items were sold locally (momma wanted to help)..


I will update the listing this week, most items are still there.





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Back in the saddle... so to speak...


I've attempted to contact the members that had previously expressed interest in these items ... but no response..

(Hope it's not my use the forum mail system.


This item is back on the table now that I can function better.


Let me know if interested... expect mailing to be $75 - $90 since there is so much stuff.

... Weapon to your FFL , boxed and bubble wrapped...

   .....  (need contact and copy of their license) and be sure they will accept shipment from individual.

... Everything else in the oversize, plastic hard-case shipped to you... if you want the case....

  .....   else in a box shipped to your (lower cost I expect).



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Members and Followers....


I'm going to give this until Nov. 1st, then I'll either keep the &^%$ thing or part it out.


I can always take some time and use another 308 in my stable...


Let me know if you want it...

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Still have health issues.. Momma says closet queen has to go!

first firm offer over/at $600 plus shipping takes it!

All items/photos still the same. See older listing

Weapon to your FFL, other stuff direct to you.

this is my “work in progress” with every thing there...

discreet pay pal for saiga parts galore or USPS Money order .

Estimate: shipping total at $150.00 ..

.... will refund any change less than the $150.

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Really sorry you're still faltering health wise. I'm surprised no one has jumped on the deal. I can't because of health issues, also. I wish you the best.


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On 3/5/2019 at 9:43 AM, YOT said:

Really sorry you're still faltering health wise. I'm surprised no one has jumped on the deal. I can't because of health issues, also. I wish you the best.


Good luck with the health stuff, Seems like you can’t get ahead for sliding backwards sometimes.


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On 6/4/2019 at 10:21 AM, CaptLouie said:

Due to health issues,only checking forum once a week... but will get in contact with anyone interested...


Want this to go to a good home...



If this is still available I'm interested, what would the total be with shipping? I live in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Get well soon!



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