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Saiga 12 gauge Semi automatic shotgun that has been extensively customized for performance.

This is a converted Saiga 12. Here is the modification list:

1. Factory stock removed
2. Trigger group moved forward and replaced with G2 trigger group
3. Installed Tromix D-I-Y trigger guard and SAW pistol grip
4. Factory tang removed and internal ACE receiver block installed
5. Gas block removed and 4 gas ports opened to 5/64ths, retaining factory angle
6. Gas port aperture adjusted making all 4 ports visible
7. Smoothed rails that the bolt carrier travels on
8. Replaced factory gas puc with CSS puck
9. Replaced factory gas plug with autoplug
10. Replaced factory recoil spring with low recoil spring from reliability kit
11. Replaced factory main spring with JT engineering spring
12. Installed push-button folding mechanism and 8.5'' ace skeleton stock
13. Had Pauly re-profile trigger group, main spring, hammer, bolt and carrier (including a nice job making the trigger look match-grade) (see pictures).

What is included:


Saiga 12 including:

JT engineering main spring.
Pauly modified: trigger group, bolt, carrier, Krebs manual BHO, G2 hammer 
ACE 8.5'' skeleton stock 
1'' recoil pad for ace skeleton 
Push-button folding mechanism 
SAW pistol grip 
Tromix D-I-Y trigger guard 
CSS puck
Enhanced recoil spring for reliability 
12-round magazine 
Factory 5-round magazine

This gun is in perfect working order.

It cycles low brass with no problems, thanks to Pauly and the gas work done.


It's a great shotgun and I will miss it, but I've got bills to pay.


REDUCED: Asking $1100. + Shipping

Must be sent to your FFL, or face to face transaction with proper ID. Will not ship to any state that does not allow their sale and please check your local laws.





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