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I wonder if that's still an aluminum alloy, or if they went with magnesium. Huge difference in density - and magnesium is a fine structural metal.

Alloys notwithstanding, pure aluminum weighs about 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter, magnesium weighs about 1.7.

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Sub 4 pound. I think with a mag upper and lower, a 14.5" super lite barrel with a perm attached flashhider, and carbon free float tube, and ace ultralite stock would put you very close to 4-4.5 without any crazy other parts like the carbon rifles.

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I like my guns as light as possible because......I need to go to the gym. :) it seems that the reduction in weight here comes not only from advanced materials, but also by redesigning key parts of the platform which IMO really takes away from the modularity and draw of the platform. I would trade an extra pound or two to preserve that interchangability.

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Sort of mixed on the really lightweight models. On one hand, it can mean other gear or even more ammo, or just being more nimble. On the other, I sort of like having some mass/weight there for repeat shots. It doesnt have any kick of course, but its just something I wonder about. Then again, lighter weight can be good for quick snapshots too.

I suppose in the end doesn't matter to me much. I prefer my Arsenal 74.

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4lbs with cutouts and odd materials? Big deal. They could have shaved .35oz by going with the Magpul K grip instead of the B5. A red dot with carbon fiber handguard (6oz) is heavier than BUIS on a railed BCM KMR rail (6.3oz), and is useless when battery dies or breaks. Their gas block is way overbuilt. A 1.27oz Parallax adjustable gas block would allow them to run a lightweight buffer and JP lightweight BCG. 300BLK pencil barrels weigh less because the inside hole is bigger, and you can pin a 3.4oz FSC30 to a 13" barrel for even more savings.


What trigger are they using? You know what happens when you try to fire a 4lb rifle with a 6lb mil-spec trigger?


Amateurs. Thats pathetic considering the time, money and materials they put into it.


My SPR is 6lbs. 5-6lb is now considered 'lightweight', under 5b is 'ultralight' and neither are hard to achieve if you are comfortable with the tradeoffs.


As far as 'grow stronger' yeah, my 5yo is working on it.

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