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I'm finally getting around to building my .223 Saiga M up. I bought an EOTech 512 today from Cabela's, and I need a mount for it. I'm partial to receiver mounted optics on all of my guns, so I want a side mount.


I want a quality mount, so a friend of mine suggested the RS AK 300 series mounts. Because the 512 sits high, I know I'll need a low-sitting set up.


So my question is if the 310 lower mount, which is designed for the Romanian M10, works well with Saigas and if there's anything I need to keep in mind.

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Great question.


The AK-310 and upcoming AK-311 are indeed lower than their respective AK-303 and AK-301 lowers. They all do fit and lock up perfectly on any side rail, but the main issue comes in when you add the upper optic mounts.


The AK-310 and AK-311 will NOT work on a Saiga as they put the optic in the same place as the dust cover on a Saiga. You must use the AK-301/302/303 family for this application. They will put the optic just on top of the dust cover. In this case I would recommend the AK-303 or AK-302

Lower with the AKR upper for the Eotech. I personally would use AK-303 and AKR.


Let me know if you have any other questions.

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