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I was scammed once when I bought something on a computer forum from a member.


I paid him promptly by Paypal and then he started in with sob stories about not being able to ship because

he couldn't afford shipping charges, car broke down, sister got sick, etc.


Paypal refunded my money and locked his account.


Put together whatever records you have on this and open a case with Paypal.


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I did offer to order this individual a new one using my military discount. I guess he forgot to mention that here.

He must of made an error while inputting my email. I waited awhile and I never received payment. I had it boxed up and everything. I cant send someone something I never got payment for. Also the deal originally was a trade for some buis, which the buyer changed his mind on after I agreed to the trade. So I dont see why this is a -1.

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He never claimed the money so it wasn't stole just changed his Mind

Fromxtror is pretty butt hurt about the whole -1. I just want everyone to know he didn't try to resolve the mistake in payment he changed his mind and with drew item instead of trying to get payment.


Now he's offering to sell the item to me again but I'm good brother. Sorry you have thin skin.

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