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Finally got a 22lr pistol

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So the other day a buddy calls and asks to go to the range to shoot handguns, so we went to Shoot Straight in WPB, FL, as a matter of fact we where their on Friday 5/2/14 (bare with me) so sometimes their are used guns on a table with prices and they had a Browning Buckmark MS Field on it. I picked it up and looked at it, so did my buddy. Anyway we went and shot and it was about 4:30 pm when we decieded to leave, by the time we stopped talking and got in our cars to leave it was about 4:45.....  


http://www.wptv.com/news/region-c-palm-beach-county/west-palm-beach/fire-out-at-suburban-west-palm-beach-shooting-range  we must have just left...



So I thought store burnned down, it did not but they where closed until Monday afternoon. I went back and picked it up, it came with a 5.5" HBB fixed front sight adjustable rear, anyone know where I can get a better FS for this? 2 mags and a generic hard case...  The red dot I had, I and about to go and test her....  $349.00 +tax/FFL fee....




















So I went to the range and here are the results, 2 distances 5 yards free single handed & 10 yards rested (both red dot) and groups of 10 shots, all I can say is wow what an accurate pistol. 10 yards center mass, 5 yards head and stomach,,,,  Very pleased with this purchase....






When the target was at 10 yards I had to aim about 5" below my point of aim, I also fired 2 shots per second it was not controlled, now at 5 yards the point of impact was dead on, I was bottom out on elevation, which leads me to another invention but no money

to produce it..

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Very nice guys, I wish I had those hunter sights on mine, I could if I change the rail, rear & front sights, can't find replacements, none with fiber or tritanium or even a white dot, How hard would it be to drill and tap in a shotgun gold bead? 

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That is the BM Contour style rail and front sight.

Unfortunately there aren't many aftermarket front sights to be had, just not enough demand.

But there are a few, e.g. http://www.dawsonprecision.com/ProductDetail.jsp?LISTID=800016D7-1388518371

Contour is on the bottom, shows OOS, might call them and inquire.


Some people have fabricated their own, there are one or two threads over at RimfireCentral.com showing their work.

One of the guys might have had a few limited pieces for sale, his usename is Rusty22, PM him to see if he has any.


It is really pretty easy, just pop the pin out that holds the FS in the rail, use the original as a template, add fiber optic.

Here is a link to one of Rusty22's posts showing what he did.


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Yeah I saw Dawsom but was not sure if it would fit, now that thread you posted Chile is an awesome idea, make my own....  But before, I want to contact Novac Sights, they have cnc machines, if they can drill a hold and put a night sight vial in....  I will do that regardless...   Thanks again.....

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