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finally some range time with my new PK1/1P63 obzor

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Well I finally took my new favorite toy, the 1P63 aka obzor, to the range in the rain to test it out.


I only have 30 rounds so really shouldn't have but had the itch. So I shot 20 and am impressed. Shot 5 rounds at 25 yards at 100%. 10 rounds at 50 yards at 100%. And the remaining 5 at 100 yards with zero hits which was a letdown but I'm still thrilled about the performance, ease of use and pure badassery of this new Russian collimator. All shots were off hand and at a moderate rate of fire aside from the last 5.


It is intuitive and technologically advanced and my favourite new toy. Next time I'm going to run some slugs through the s12 using the obzor see how that works out. I'm going to do some hog blasting sometime this year with it.


Oh wanted to add, that with my 5.45, I like to be abusive and kind of a test bed for everyone in regards to surplus ammunition and corrosion. I last shot it in August, sad but true, and never as much as squirted any oil in it, and after shooting the bore is bright, and clear... And all shots were accurate aside like said the longer range last 5 that I attribute to target size and my lack of skill. So minimum corrosion, and still remaining decent accuracy with my first outing with my new red dot. Hoping to get more ammo soon and try to dial it in as much as possible with a benchrest.


All in all it's a beautiful, battery free, zero magnification, Russian red dot and I love it! Worth every penny!


Pics or it didn't happen


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