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Polish Tantal Mags in Converted VEPR 5.45

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Has anyone tried the Polish Tantal mags in their converted VEPRs?  The reason I ask is because I filed my mag catch for circle 10 mags and the Tantals are extremely sloppy in one of my conversions.  The mag sits to low and the bolt will not strip the round.  I have another conversion that I did, and I filed the mag for the Tantals to work, but the Circle 10 rear lug will not engage the mag release because the rear lug is to thick.  It seems like the Polish steel mags have different dimensions on the rear lugs.  Also, the sides of the  Tantal mags do not fit snug in the mag well like the Circle 10 do.  Overall I am disappointed in the Tantal fit in both guns.  One gun it works but it is sloppy, the other it does not.  On the gun that it works, I had to shave the hell out of the rear lug on the Circle 10 mag to get it insert and lock.  Do most Circle 10 mags require filing on the rear lug to get the mag catch to lock.  I have only dealt with VEPR 5.45 conversions and not SAIGA, so I have no clue on what is the norm.  I also wondered if the selector lever plate needed adjustment.  I did not know if the mag was going far enough in the mag well.  I kind of find it hard to believe that both rifles would require selector lever plate to be adjusted.  I know a lot of Century builds need this adjusted, but I have not heard of this with SAIGA or VEPR.  I used a bullet guide from CSS if that makes a difference.  The only thing that irritates me with this gun is that I have to adjust the mags for each gun.  I am debating changing out the mag release on the first gun that will only take the Circle 10 mag.  I had to do this on my Yugo PAP.  Not fun, but fixed the botched up mag release that Century hacked.

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Came converted by RobArm. They imported and did the conversion before selling. This was about 3 years. If you google RobArm Vepr youll see the pics. Its a very specific looking stock. But anyway All AK74 should take all AK74 mags. This is a standard rifle. The only ones that differ are 5.56/223 cal because they are for the commercial market. No country that is currently importing 5.56 ever fielded them.

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