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now cycles low brass

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500 rounds later and after some polishing work she is working great and spitting out federal 1145fps no problems.

Since shooting last time I did the extractor mod and removed metal from the bottom lip, removed all the sharp edges and polished,

I procededed to removing MORE metal from the carrier and bolt and re-polished both of them and also gave receiver rails a polish.

I then lubed the carrier and rails lightly with brake caliber grease applied from a Q-tip.

Any of that polishing could have done the trick, but I also swapped out the "nippled" CSS puck for the stock puck which I believe is what made the difference. Stock puck weighs about 17 grams more than CSS puck. This time around I cycled over 160 flawless low-brass shots 4 different brands (estate, Winchester, federal 1290& federal 1145 fps 7 1/2 shot). Last time shooting the federal 1145 wouldn't feed for shot on a maxed out auto plug and now I have 2 turns of adjustment left and it are it up just fine.

Before I had a 160 round flawless feed I only had about 3 failure to ejects and 1 failure to feed(the shell jammed up top where the extractor foot sits, I have slightly removed and rounded the material better since)


I'm stoked that I have been able to get her running good and had the time off work to get it done, hopefully she stays running this way.



Chaos tri rail, vented shroud, auto plug, CAA adjustable stock

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It looks good and you certainly didn't remove too much off the carrier. That is a GOOD thing.big_smile.gif  Baby steps. 

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I don't think so either since this is my first self modded gun and I've been trying to take it easy but I think my work is done, for now anyways.




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I am starting to think that this 1 particular agp mag is giving me problems, BUT it may have possibly been from bent shells from hand cycling/reloading. If it is the mag can it be rebuilt? Is it worth rebuilding?



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Nice job getting your S-12 running right.


Does it seem like the mag is too narrow?


There were posts around here a while back about boiling the mag to soften it up and then

putting a wine cork in the top of it while it cools to hold it open. Something like that.

You'll likely need to use Google to search the forums on that one.


Never touched AGP mags myself.... only SGM stick mags and MD drums (and certainly not Promag).

I need to add some csspecs steel mags to the collection.

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Yeah it definitely could be too narrow. I really had to dig that shell out. I don't have either of those but the csspec steel look nice and heard they operate great 

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