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How to press the front sight block back on???

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 I got it off the rifle, now I want to press it back on the rifle without doing any damage. 


 Do I need to use a special tool to press against the breach face? From the many builders videos I've watched, I might need a narrow piece of 1/4" stock to stick through the mag well while using a deep socket to press the front sight block onto the barrel.? 


 Anyone give me advice on this one??? Thanks, CS

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Since I'm going to be trying this, anyone want to elaborate on the specifics of the block of wood? I get the bfh part, but what are the markings on that wood for? Is it drilled? Or need to be cut? Is that a brace for the breech, or just a block to drive the sight in place?

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your over thinking it man. main thing not to do is beat the living snot out of adjuster end of gas block. you deform the threads and then you are going to be buying a tap from china and hopin it doesnt break.


imo, these werent really made to come off. you will notice that if you put em on and take em off same gun a few times. the pins and gb to barrel fit definitely loosen up a bit then...

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