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NEVER struggle to remove upper hand guard again!

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First I will give Evl the credit for kicking off this concept. I just took it a bit further. Simple, nothing extra to carry, forget, or lose. Always with the gun! Tons of leverage for even the most stubborn levers. Hope this helps guys. Let me know if you dig it!









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I do the same thing with the cleaning tube. I kills me when I see so call experts on videos reviewing aks and they have to hammer the lever open with something while a cleaning tube is sitting right in front of them.

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Here's my view on this.

(1) if you plan to remove the gas tube, you already have the bolt carrier removed and handy

(2) i have almost every caliber of saiga, and several in some of the calibers. Only has a stock to accept the kit.

(3) if you have concerns about bending, breaking or otherwise damaging the carrier I feel for you

(4) it has the leverage and built in "offset" to save your knuckles

(5) it's the fastes tool, and won't get lost due to size and importance else where. You will NEVER forget to bring the carrier along.

(6) it works for me so go suck on an egg!!!!!! Lol

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been doing this with the carrier for yrs....IMHO it's the only way. saw an old soviet video many yrs back doing the same method, that's where i picked it up at.

It just makes sense! Thanks for the confirmation. I bought my first saiga 2years ago, so I'm very new to this.

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First I will give Nephilim7 the credit for giving me the idea. I just took it a bit further by cleaning up and polishing the contact surfaces of the gas tube lever and gas tube. Simple, nothing extra to carry, forget, or lose. Always with the finger! Wrap some tape over the end of a punch that fits well in the flared side of the gas tube lever and give it a few solid whacks, checking the lever each time until it suits your digit. However, if you get carried away, the lever will be too lose and the flare can crack. Hope this helps guys. Let me know if you dig it!




Seriously, using the carrier is an excellent idea, IMO. If you want to remove the tube, the carrier is usually out already. However, I did have someone contact me for some help removing the tube, and after a few PMs and continued befuddlement, I realized he didn't have the carrier out yet, lol. Live and learn wink.png

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I have gotten in hurry and started cussing the gas tube before I realized the action was still in the gun! Lol the whole poit of this type of forum is for everyone to learn and grow though our success and failures together. It pretty awesome really. I know, I am sarcastic dick, just how I relate to the world. Lol. People helping people. That's the way it's supposed to be. (Sunday moring sermon, for those of you sinners not there right now) oh and evil, your adjustable wrench vid planted the idea.

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