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Seeking comments on Tromix Broken Arrow Break-in Lube

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Cobra's Custom included a complementary bottle of Tromix Broken Arrow Break-in Lube when they returned my reprofiled and polished V-12 BCG and fire control group. After a brief subjective finger tip comparison to other lubricants I have on hand, I was so impressed that I immediately ordered a second unit of Broken Arrow from you to have on hand as a back-up. I wonder if I could impose on you to share whatever feedback you may have received from your customers either here or in the thread I just initiating asking for opinions in the Saiga-12 Forum at http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/94080-about-tromix-broken-arrow-break-in-lube/.







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Absolutely great lube ! Been using it for years.........ever since Tony first had it formulated......

Highly recommend it !!!!

I sensed a remarkable level of lube potential on first drop compared to what I've perceived with Weapon Shield CLP and Grease which I've used most often over the last few years for running AR's, an AR57 pistol, a FN Five-seven pistol, SIG 226 pistol and a Bersa mouse gun on the wet side down here in uber humid but relatively clean air down here in south Louisiana.


I clearly hear the community's advice about running the Saiga and Vepr far to the dry side but am also uncertain about whether there really is a predictable downside to leaving a thin film of lubes like Broken Arrow or Weapon Shield on all surfaces of the operating system, including the gas puck particularly if the weapon is taken down and cleaned between lube application.


How often do you clean and lube your shotgun and where do you apply Broken Arrow?

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