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AR mag adapters

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Does anyone have a picture of what the hammer looks like after it has been modified to fit around the Canis LRBHO parts?

I don’t know the logistics but it was Texas AK Designs before it was Canis. I purchased kit from Texas AK Designs.  Here’s are a few pics, sorry about the clarity in first image.   If Canis didn’t change the LRBHO you just want to notch out enough to clear the back & top of the LRBHO. I started with the Tapco hammer then reverted back to the factory hammer, that’s another story... If you use the original hammer you don’t need to take off much.  After all was said and done I used the original Saiga hammer with the Tapco G2 AK Trigger Double Hook trigger. So in the end double hook or single hook the LRBHO don’t care and I’m still 922r compliant.

The first two images are current with the Bolt Carrier Group is removed so keep in mind with the BCG installed the hammer will not traveling as far forward. My suggestion is to take a little off at a time and keep testing and fitting. Don’t try to take it off all at once.  It’s the old adage “you could always take it off but can’t always put it back on”. So you should be doing a lot of assembling & disassembling to get the perfect fit. The bottom two images are when I did the build back in 2013. The hammers on the screwdrivers going from left to right are the Saiga factory stock, Tapco G2 un-modded , and Tapco G2 modded for LRBHO. The last image is the FCG with Tapco G2 that was ground down which has now been removed and replaced with the modded factory hammer.  Lastly not a good idea to dry fire the hammer into the LRBHO while fitting or the bolt for that matter. Personally I avoid dry firing any firearm




Images below were taken back in 2013





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 After putting in a Dinzag bullet guide, I installed one of the old MSA adapters using a Dremel tool. Sweated blood worrying that I might have took too much off. But all worked well, no jams or failures to feed ever. Using USA made Fusil AR mags to keep 922r legal. I still worry about a weak trunnion and bad things happening eventually. I wonder how common such problems are but are not discussed because nobody wants to talk about the rifle they destroyed. 

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As long as you did not get the trunnions hot enough to to run its temper you should be good to go.

Mine works great . Had to make my own bullet guide but that's half the fund

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