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Does the United States need stricter gun control laws?

This is not a scientific poll











Total votes: 2699

This is not a scientific poll

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I will not submit my opinion on anything to CNN.


Even if there was a box to check that said  " go #$%^ yourself "


They will know how I feel when someone tries to remove guns from my possession.


I hope they send Pierce Morgan......

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And yes indeed, CNN does it again.




Unscientific, HAH. How about outright fraudulent.

I wonder how many no votes were ignored.

Seems that no one cares anymore that they lie, only how big the lie is.

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Didn't see a poll in the first link. Did they remove it?


Change the topic to, "Right to Self-Defense", and all the same people would oppose it.


Permanent civil unrest would change their minds pretty quickly when they realized that "Heaven/Utopia on Earth" wasn't going to happen.

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