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How much work would machining this be? Im thinking just drill out the part that the gas tube lines up at and the actual gas port. I was thinking the gas port could just be drilled from the bottom. I have access to a machinist but he's not a gun Smith a gun guy but not an ak guy. If it's easy I wouldn't mind to ask him. This would be much cheaper than buying any other option.http://www.centerfiresystems.com/AK-P57.aspx

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He does full time machinist full shop solid works the whole deal, but like I said I hate to ask him to do to much because he never wants to take money and things like this if they take a lot of his time I feel bad. But if the thing is just a few ops ill buy one to show him and see what he thinks.

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What I see when looking at it:


- Drill through top of sight hood for sight post install/adjustment

- Drill out the gas cylinder cavity

- Possibly ream barrel journal if not already at proper diameter

- Machine small lip around circumference of gas cavity to allow gas tube inlet to seat.

- You are correct, the gas port is drilled through the bottom on this type of block - you could determine the optimal drilling location by comparing this block to an existing Saiga (or AK-74) type block, which are also drilled through the bottom.

- Drill and pin onto your barrel - obviously


I think you could do a reasonable job of most of this at home, really. Even the gas block cylinder cavity can probably be done with a drill press using progressively larger drill bits, while being careful to measure and check depth.

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I think the lip is where it would get tricky. Everything else should be easy as pie on a Bridgeport. I'm no machinist but I'd think even the lip shouldn't be too hard. I'm going to order one and show it to him see what he thinks. Then I'll only be out like 20 bucks if it's not something he could do.

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It's not quite as cut and dry as it looks at first and I can't remember if it was originally designed for a 74 or a 47 which might cause some issues with the gas port alignment unless it's going to be used on a virgin barrel. Unless you have access to a mill and reamers the initial price might sneak up on you. Figure the bore for the piston is fairly specific and should be finished with an endmill, holes for front site/threaded, barrel pin holes, gas port, pin for muzzle device, ream hole for barrel to size. Don't get me wrong, it makes for a good project but it's a bit deceiving when you first look at it. Sim_Players option is fairly simple with a welder and a dremmel. 


Here's a link from the AK files that covers a bit of both. If you do some more searching there's been a few guys that have played with that block.


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