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Vepr Ultralight stock!

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Always thought an ultra-light KISS stock for the heavy Vepr was a good idea .... evidently so did Bonesteel.  These aren't for sale yet (IIRC), but I was able to get ahold of one of the prototype stocks that Chris mentioned in the other thread. So far LOVE IT. I was going to keep this one fairly traditional but that idea gradually got scraped as lower weight began to intrigue me more. Typical Bonesteel tight lockup, don't have to cut the tang (ala Ace), and it seems pretty tough. Cheek weld is very nice and will be even better when I add the TWS Dogleg. The tube is Al with a rubber shrink tube around it and the butt-stock is fixed so it can't be removed. Length is in between a Warsaw and Nato length, which is perfect for me on this setup. 13" LOP with the stock being 9.5" from back of the receiver to the end of the stock. You can buy the other stock bodies and attach them to the receiver block, so you aren't limited if LOP or feel isn't right for you. They also make a rubber butt pad that attaches via two threaded holes on the back of the stock.

Sorry for the Tapco mag, but I didn't have any good ones available ATM. They are all loaded and ready to go to the range  Only drawback is that the receiver block doesn't fit exactly with the back of the receiver and I figure this is to account for the variances in Vepr receiver angles. It is a small aesthetic issue as fit and function is right on.






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