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24" saiga barrelled action or can part out...

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need the bolt, top cover, bolt carrier and recoil assy for a diff saiga...




so i have barreld action, gas block, gas tube, stock, hg, and internal parts up for grabs.


2008 gun, cycled 1145 remmy gun club 1 1/8 oz loads perfectly. only tried 20 rds but had no issues...


so hows $450 for the barreld receiver sound including everything...


or door 2 i can part out:


80 for gas block with puck and selector and pins

40 for gas tube

300 for barreld reciever with fcg 

30 for safety lever



or door # 3:


can swap out for a 19" barreled action with someone if they wanted... hell, then i could swap a complete gun, so #s would be matching for you...








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