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Well after putting it off since 2009 when I made my first Skull shaped charging handle on a Saiga 12, I've decided to answer the many requests we have gotten to start making custom skull charging handles. The first one I did on the first Bullpup S-12 was plastic with a chrome paint and actually a valve stem you can get anywhere. It stayed on fine and was light weight as well. This new one however is all metal. The particular model shown here is one of our left side ones, as part of an ambi set of handles, but we can do them on both sides, either side, or as a vertical or horizontal charging handle on any AK, Saiga, or Vepr (rifles or shotguns).

 Like our already popular standard ambi handles, this service does include notching the dust cover for it to clear, and blending & refinishing the entire carrier after it's professionally Tig welded in place. The cost is an extra $100 above our normal ambi charging handle package. We still think that is very reasonable with the extra work and our increased cost of production. The special discount for full reliability service customers also applies here.

See link >  http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/93307-left-hand-ambi-charging-handle-service/


 The full polish on everything is also extra. It takes a lot of extra time and we have to charge for that.



                                                   Now for some Skull Porn....   wink.png


                               This set is shipping out to a Saiga forum member this week.



















 I'll get some more photos up soon of what it looks like installed in the weapon, and try to get some video of it in action if possible before it has to ship out.


                                                        027.gif     Time to rock & roll the Bonz!  anger.gif



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Thanks guys I'm feeling pretty good about these and hope they do well. Yes Jim I tend to steer away from the fully polished jobs mostly but lately with the industry in such crappy shape I've been taking those jobs too.

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Some new "Bone porn" ...lol.  The second one now. This one is going to look great on a special custom shotgun a fellow memeber is building and will be showing off pics of soon.  032.gif   beer.gif









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