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That guy has a history of insults aimed at me 


Mostly because I dared to complain when people stole designs from me and were marketing them here.

He made that comment because after all of his history being nasty he knows he would never get to run one of my protos.


He also knows we modified an MD drum to run in an MKA well over a year ago.

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Jim does March mean spring is here?   Up in the northern states I have my first 3-gun match coming up end of the month, an all shotgun match we run locally to tune up for the season.  My brother and I are signed up for the Nordic shotgun and I would like to get you drum all broken in by then.  Hint, Hint.

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We are hopeful for T&N to come through with a affordable reliable quality drum design for the MKA.

They are after all the leading edge in MKA parts & design. And great people to deal with as well.


I know making a reliable drum is a daunting task, as it seems the more capacity you want to run through the 

mag fed shotguns the more you are likely to encounter failures. I have never had one single problem ever with any

of my 5 round MKA mags but have had a few with the 10 rounders. I haven't tried the GEN2 10 rounders yet

but have heard good things about them so far.

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So I have a promag 20 round saiga 12 drum laying around and no saiga 12 to use it in. But I do have an mka and spare mags. Does anyone have detailed instructions on how to mate the 2 together? Pictures and videos would be nice also.

Aside from petty arguements, did anything come of it? You build it?

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My MKA drum rocks but I would rather never sell it publicly than watch some jackass copy it.

That's about the stupidest thing I've ever heard, you'd rather not make a shitload of money because you are afraid of some asshole stealing your design, and making a lesser quality copy.  OK

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