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There was one of those on the used rack at a local shop.  I considered it but decided to get a Savage Axis, you know, on the off chance that I "needed" a .308 bolt gun for something in the future.  The price was right, and it appealed to my desire to tinker.  I've shimmed up the trigger, stiffened up the stock, and cooked up an oversize bolt knob all with stuff I already had at hand.


Check that, I had to buy a new trigger spring for less than a dollar.

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well here is my 2 cents, buy what you like, not what anyone says you should or shouldn't. asking for a consensus on what you should or shouldn't buy is never the way to go.

Thanks Matt. I was just looking for individuals with personal experience with these rifles. However have gotten some good insight about considering another AK, and some chuckles from some of the more humored responses.
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If anybody has a bug for a 308 boltie galleryofguns has the Savage Axis for $300 with scope.  Not uber-tactical but will the paper target or whitetail know the difference?


They also have the Mossberg MVP Flex (very tactical) for $500.  If you don't know this rifle takes 308 PMags.  Does it get cooler than that?  That price is $460 off msrp.

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My buddy has a HOWA 308 with the target thumbhole stock...  paid a LOT for it, i I recall, several years ago. I wanna say over 5 hundred, maybe closer to 7... Then put a 700 dollar springfield optic on it...  handloaded ammo for it to minimize shot group diameter...


He was extremely PISSED when a 99 dollar K31 Swiss I gave him in lieu of a hundred bucks I owed him shot groups HALF THE SIZE with G11 ball. 


I am telling you spend the money on a K31 swiss  get a handpick, if you can, and some whitebox G11 and you will shoot as good or BETTER than the HOWA....


hows that for talking you out of it??? laugh.png





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