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Bought a used one at a local gun shop. Barely used, SO STINKING COOL!

Bought another one on line, BNIB off Gun Broker. $550.00

Bought accys such as hand guards of MahcineGuns Inc. Riser cocking knobbs and barrel extentions, and stuff. Scope mount for one with a Burris Fast Fire III red dot for one. One is kinda stock, the other one is pimped out, lol.

Always wanted one since the 80's. Now have 2. Bought 12 Z-Mags from Shockwave Technologies, metal mags designed for the Macs. Very nice.

STUPIDEST gun for anything, but SO DAMN cool!

SO cool. I've never owned a pistol MORE cool than this.

Heavy, bulky, hard to cock, unweildy, but SO DAMN COOL!

If you want to go FA, the cheapest rout, at around $4-$5,000. I'm looking into it. A Bargain.

If it's good enough for Arnold and Bruce in all of the 80's movies, and good enough for the FBI back in the 80's, it's good enough for me. LOL. This was before the Glock.

http://www.udaof.com/?p=2504 Baddassery at it's finest. lol. Admit it. You don't have one. it's totally stupid. Worthless for anything. Heavy, inaccurate, bulky, dumb as hell.

But you are jeaalous. ROFLMAO!

Spray and Pray.


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 good enough for the FBI back in the 80's, it's good enough for me. LOL.


FBI never  use the M11, the subgun of choice back in the 80s was the UZI for the FBI,  secret service etc...


OK,  I have to confess,







021.gif I also bought a NIB  COBRA M11 in 95 that was manufactured in 89.  it was 225 bucks, and it was one of those stupid "impulse buys". I also bought a  pre-94 made TEC 9, yes I sinned again 021.gif ,  for around the 200 dollar mark that same year, again another stupid impulse buy. I sold the TEC for 450 a few years later. so I guess you could say that not only did I get my money back for the TEC, but it paid for the M11 as well


about the only thing I did to the M11 was bought the extended cocking handle like you did to make it easier to cocking the pistol rather then using that flat backgammon piece it came with-  a barrel extension and a scope mount to put a laser sight on, which I never did  


I don't think I shot  it more then 2 or 3 times since then.  I found one of those large camera cases at a garage sale with the "puck-n-pick" foam, for just a couple of dollars, I know it wasn't more then 5 bucks, and put the pistol, mags  etc...  in that.


I had this nutty, crazy and outlandish  idea of making a drum for it, for nothing else but just to say I did it laugh.png ,  by using a SUMOI drum.  but I could never find a steel mag for those that would be welded to the drum, that is until now. the challenge would be to make the spacers for the feedtower, since the mag is trapezoid, it's going to be a bit more difficult doing that.  but,  I think I know how to go about doing that,wink.png at least in my mind it should  work.


if I make a drum for that, then it just might be worth buying a laser sight for it, get a strap to hang it off my  my shoulder, turn the laser on and shoot targets with.


I will tell you, if you want to load the mags super fast and easy, get yourself a Swedish K stripper clip loader and the clips. GUNPARTS.COM has them.


the COBRA mags are trapezoidal shape  like the Swedish K mags and it works on them,  the only thing  that might be needed is a shim,  take a piece of cardboard fold it in half and stick it between the front of the mag and the  inside front of the base. the M11 mag is  something like 1/4 inch shorter, so that will keep it from rocking back and forth when loading. or you can just hold the loader steady so there is no rocking motion.  


loading anything by stripper clips beats any of these onesies at a time loaders



I will post a video of it here on this thread for you.

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Shockwave Technologies makes metal mags, 30 rd. They also offer 50 round mags. Based in Utah. Worth the money. I bought 12, and am waiting for the next batch to buy more.

They just started up, and are the only source of reliable metal mags. They spent the money and tooled up. They are high quality mags.

As far as loading the mags, a UPLULA mag loader is your best friend. Ebay, cheap.

It covers several calibers. You can buy them for different calibers. It is FANTASTIC!

Cheap and EASY and FAST! 30 round mag in seconds. It flat out WORKS. No pain. No BS.

I would not lie. iT IS A GODSEND DEVICE. Cheap.

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Shockwave Technologies makes metal mags, 30 rd.




well, that what I need is a steel mag.  I've already did a mock up on my  plastic mag on how I want the spacer to fit in there, seeing this is a trapezoid shape mag and not straight walled mag, which would make it a lot easier if it was straight, and it LOOKS VERY,  VERY DOABLE. 


 just have to get the thickness of the spacers worked out and a couple of  other crucial details. and  I will be able to make a 70 round drum for the M11 biggrin.png


as for the UPLULA. I have one, and it's great for loading pistol mags, and I can deal with the 7, 10 and even 15 round capacity using that. but if I can modify a stripper clip loader and use rounds on stripper to load more then 15 round capacity mags, faster and easier, that is what I do. in the case of the COBRA mag, no modification was needed with the SWEDISH K loader, it fits over the mag as it is.  and loads a 32 round COBRA mag really fast.


how fast, you say?


this fast smile.png ;



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You're using a double-feed mag loader to forcefully shove rounds into your single-feed zytel mag. While I'm sure it works due to the flexible nature of the plastic construction, those mags are well known for having wear issues on the feedlips and I'm 100% certain that if you continue to load them like that they will eventually cease to retain the rounds.


And as to the M11/drum conversion, it is very do-able but theres alot of tricky geometry involved to making the rounds transition through the sharp angles correctly.

Heres an 18 page thread on the subject with links to a few others. Best of luck.

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