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I bought a COBRAY M11/9. (see handgun thread) That led to internet searching, and I found out that Cobray made the M203 Flaare launcher. I remembered them from days of old, and found a place that had them brand new in the box.

I mention it here because it is Black Powder, and not classified as a fire arm.

Of course, i had to have one. lol.

But, I didn't want to put it on my AR, so I had to buy another AR to mount it on. You know how it goes.

Long story short, with a MINT 80's AR off of GunBroocker, and a surplus M203 hand guard off Ebay, and a BNIB COBRAY Flare launcher (FTF Industries) - I have one kick ass weapon.

It's legal to shoot fireworks from. They are pricey, but they are cool.

It's over the top, but fun!


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Cobray industries made a lot of cool shit back in the day. The street sweeper was simple and amazing at the time. It should have never been classified a DD. Just some hippie, feel good, bullshit.


They made an odd ball slam fire survival shotgun that was pretty cool and a host of other machines that worked well. Not to mention the goofy shit they made for the soldier of fortune type.


Have fun with her and enjoy the the slapback on that GD thing! You can tune your pistol to slap back but it is riding on the fence if you do it right. Once step away from federal, fuck me up the ass, prison. A good gunsmith can hone it in for you. Or, just deal with the surgical tubing on your trigger and maybe leather gloves! :)

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Was $289.00 NIB. Bought a second as a spare. It's amazing the sites that sell 12 Gauge adapters, and don't tell you that makes it a short barrelled shotgun. CYA, for sure! lol.

Not exactly. You can still have a 12-gauge flare adapter - there are 12 gauge flares, and 12-gauge flare guns that are not considered AOW or SBS. Hell, wal-mart around here sells a blaze orange plastic 12-gauge flare gun. 12-gauge flares are only 2.5" long. Put in an adapter with a 2.75" or longer chamber - boom, Title 2 firearm.

If you put in a real 12-gauge adapter, or a .38 cal adapter - anything intended to fire real fixed ammunition - then you manufacture a DD, not an SBS/SBR. The diameter of the barrel, not the projectile fitted by the adapter, is what matters. It's a very narrow line to toe - the 12-gauge flare adapters are something I wouldn't personally mess around with, I mean, if you had one, and one of those mini-shells that's 2.5" or shorter, you'd probably be considered in "constructive possession" of a DD.


I have an old Fed Labs 37mm launcher, and did a whole bunch of reading before I picked it up, to make sure I didn't fuck something up and inadvertently commit a felony. The folks over at American Specialty Ammo are very knowledgeable and helpful, and sell some pretty nifty stuff for 37mm signaling devices.

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Just FYI, Cobray is not a manufacturer, but a registered trademark that has been used by a number of businesses over the years. It makes the history a little confusing, but if you look around a bit you'll see the Cobray logo on all sorts of different weapons made by different companies at different points in time.


I believe the current semi auto version is made by Masterpiece Arms (MPA), I think MPA30 is the correct designation for that model.


Post a pic of your pistol, I'm curious as to the actual manufacturer.

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