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CLEO signoffs, what happened?

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Please forgive me, I've been out of touch and stopped sticking my head in here to say hi.


I saw a proposed rule change from back in August 2013 that ATF was going to require EVERYONE, even trustees or Corporate employees to get fingerprinted, etc, and get the CLEO signoff.


Did that get shot down from too many complaints, is it still 'proposed', or has Uncle ATF successfully screwed the US.  Again.  ??

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ruling 41P was suppose to have taken effect this past june, but they are delaying it until jan 1 2015. so if you want a NFA item,  you still have time, though very little to get your form1, 4 in on a trust.  if it was me I would not dilly dally



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Bottom line, if you want NFA items, and don't have favorable local CLEO, don't wait any longer. Even if you have favorable CLEO support, if you do not want to have to through fingerprinting and photographs of everyone on your trust, I would get the items I needed now.

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Well, at this point I don't have the cash to do so, sadly.  My first choice would be a 9mm suppressor and a full-length CZ barrel, threaded (I own a CZ75 Compact).


I'd have to win the lottery to buy the other NFA items I want... Thompson, M1918 BAR, MG42...  And if it was possible to get one in this country, I'd love a CETME AMELI squad auromatic (looks kinda like a baby MG42 with the M16 carry handle).


Sigh.  I don't suppose you guys would know of any openings for a Human Resources major with a minor in International Business, would you?


I did hear one interesting idea about what to do if/when ATF makes everyone get CLEO signatures, though:  A constitutional challenge to the entire NFA '34, GCA '68, etc.  Because someone in a place where the CLEO refuses to sign has been denied a right with absolutely NO appeal.  No due process.


Just like there was a ruling in ... San Diego(?) that in a state where Open Carry is not legal, "May Issue" concealed carry permits were a violation of the 2nd Amendment right to protect yourself.

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