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Here is one more Indian pic....again, home made frame and Hand built bike...no work was outsourced......all in my buddies garage.....not a business or shop Garage, but the actual one that is part of his house.......he does have some other Indians and Nortons that are stock set up rebuilds, but I just love the work he put into the salt flats racer.


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I've been spending a lot of my time lately rebuilding the motor for my '85 4runner. Also re-painted my camo in a simpler bolder pattern. I even scrubbed out the engine compartment and painted it camo,

Thanks, here are a few more details,.....Ceiling Saiga mount, door Zombie tool mount, removed stereo and made box from licence plates, me in my Squidbillies hat.    

nice drive today.

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 I needed a Dog ramp to get my big dogs in the rig, so I made one. 3 hours of beer drinking and building. Folds out to 8' long. Bought the supplies at a local reclaimed material supply store, for a total of $5.60. Not too bad. I had old entry mat carpeting to use already. It will need a support board underneath, to keep the weight off of the hinges, but that's fine.

 Bird season is days away, and even though the dogs are senior citizens, I like to let them waddle of limp, and retrieve a grouse or two, to keep them feeling young. Gotta show the love to my hunting buddies. Wally has bad knees, but Kitty is still Crazy when she sees birds! Or Fish, for that matter.

 It fits well in the rig, when folded.




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Did a nice drive over mountain passes, on highways, and got 14mpg.....about what I'd expect. 55-65mph into the wind, and 60-80mph with the wind at my back. we did a sweet bicycle ride on the "Hiawatha trail" old railroad line.....look it up on Google. Sweet easy ride when you bring beer and whiskey.

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