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Ok Cameron It works..With a Few Modifications to complete the mini dra

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I just recieved my Brand new Mini Draco from Buds Gunshop and bought about $500 in extra parts plus an ATF Tax stamp for the Form 1 Paper work to get this little guy a new limb..Here is the mini draco project in progress.As always Chaos always makes an Awesome product..I was one of the first guys to buy one of your Chaos rails when you made them for the Saiga 12 and i will continue to buy there products...for this little guy I had to do a little modifications to the Chaos AK Titan Rear Rail gas lever for it work on the Mini Draco Gas Tube..After everything was dremeled down to fit.. the little lever that is used to remove the pin for the gas tube broke off while i was installing back on..no worries  it still works but it will requre a bullet to turn the latch upwards..I wonder if cameron has this as a replacement part?Ill give him a call tomorrow and see if he does..below are the pics..









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Damn that turned out pretty slick!!! When you get a new pin, it helps if you file a slight bevel around the edge, make sure you give it a good whack to flatten it back out after it's reinstalled

Thanx..i actually discovered that right after i re evaluated trimming it down.the beveled edge has to be filed down just a little bit..now i have to wait for the long part to make it a complete SBR

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