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I was in 'Cuse today at a store called Ra-Lins.  ( Pronounced RAY LINS) They had tons of .22LR in stock. Shorts, subsonics, hyper-velocity , and standard velocity from CCI, Remington bulk packs of 525 rounds. off brand packs of 50 rounds... even a shitload of Remington "yellow jackets" haven't seen them in ages!! 


shelves full!!!! 032.gif


Did I buy a single box???  NO FUCKING WAY!


I REFUSE to pay 50 bucks for a 525 pack of shit Remington golden bullets.  and I also refuse to pay 7.95 for a 50 round pack of CCI standard velocity.  Eley target rounds... $24.50 for a 50 round pack!! WTF?!?!?!?!


Their prices were INSANELY HIGH... FUCK THAT!!!!




If any of you local folk have more money than brains... and feel like a drive to 'cuse... Ra-lin's got em... unsure.png

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WHAThwatwhat?????  ELY BS for  (almost) .50 a round???  Dude I bought 2 or 3 500 rd cases of that stinky ass shit at a gunshow prolly 5 yrs ago when things started to get thin and couldn't find what I wanted. I think it was like $65 for 500.  Man that shit is the worst .22 ammo I have ever owned! Won't cycle my 10/22 Krinker or my Kimber .45 / .22 1911 worth a SHIOT!  And it smells like cat piss!  Good pass for sure on that one ...lol.

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I made a major score today on .22, my boss told me the other day that he got some a few bricks at Dick's for normal prices.

I went there today on the way to the range and got 2000 rounds for $100. I was very happy.

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A few weeks ago Dick's in Raleigh had a fair amount of CCI Minimag as well but they only allow 3 boxes a day - how did you manage 2000 rounds at once?!   


I went in with a friend, the guy at the counter asked how much we wanted, I said "one for each of us", he repeated "no, how much do you want?", I told him that I thought the limit was one brick, he replied "I'm not here to do that, I'm here to sell ammo, how much you want?" so we both took two.


I'll probably be back for more, it's great finally being able to shoot my 10/22 again.

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