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So, suppose by some miracle that a Repub wins the Presidency... what do you predict will happen will all the Muslim brotherhood infiltraters thatvarecalready there in positions of power? Do you think it will be businrss as usual? Do you think they would all get removed and their work undone?


Yeah, I know fair elections, or even just having an election is a long shot at this point, but seeing all they have done yo help destroy us from within...I fear they are not going anywhere...

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I have this profound "terrible" feeling that we really are truly fucked, one way or another f0ckers.gif

I'm no longer convinced that it can be fixed by voting.           


 I get some what of an impression that if someone like this gave the call... that it's time to follow in the steps of the founding fathers... that this is the kind of man to have at the helm... 


 Edited to add this link.   http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/94912-ben-smith-refers-to-cold-civil-war/

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Well, so far at least, it's pretty typical that many of the staff positions get replaced whenever someone new gets in the White House. Hopefully that will flush out a lot of the trash.


As for rules that are in place now... how often does any EO or "Czar's" ruling get overturned or cancelled?  :huh:

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