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WTB: Saiga 12 030 10rd magazines, railed gas block, 10 slot flash hide

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Hello, I'm looking to buy some parts for my Saiga 12 030 build. I'm located in Ohio and willing to pay for desirable parts. I'm specifically looking to buy Izhmash factory 8rd magazines for the magwell equipped Saiga 12, Izhmash railed gas block, 10 slot flash hider (long variant). Please contact me if you have any of these items for sale or if you know where I could find them. thanks.

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Don't worry about your flash hider being usa made or not as it's not considered a countable part. I like my mdarms Izzy copy. Only place I have found it still available is from "what a country". If you like dinzags '74 brake I have a new one with the bayo lug. Since we've done business before I certianly would be willing to cut you a deal. Izhmash never made a 10 rounder, you would have to look towards molot mags. I believe legion has been carrying them but I am sure you will find them out of stock where ever you look. As for the Izzy railed gas block they have showen up on the forum from time to time but you probably would have better luck having a smith modify your current gas block.


Now is a terrible time for oem parts. Personally I would snatch up a 100 series S12 folder from kvar. Probably the last remaining oem part still out there. I do have a railed AK9 handguard for the S12 I am just sitting on. Not sure why other than it's rare and unabtainable. I would consider parting ways with it if the offer is right.


Edited: There is a member named supervillian on the ak forum. He has two oem russian 8 round magwell mags. He is asking for $150 ea.

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