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wow what a well put together firearm,take down beyond easy,the kick is as light as the ar10,will buy from atlantic again.anyone know how to adjust the rear sight?it shoots 6to8 in low at 50 feet ,centered perfect. thanks for the help


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I have the carbine and love it.  I put wood furniture on mine.  Way more accurate then I will ever be and LOVE the .308 round.  Can't help you with the site, as it has been a 1.5 years since I shot mine.  But I didn't have to do much to hit close to center at 100 yards.  Mags are cheap as well. 

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This link should help with sighting in the PTR:



As far as the .308, I run a DS Arms FAL and it is far and away way my favorite rifle. It gets a bit heavy with a 30 round mag in it, but thats what going to the gym is for!



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I've always liked the G3 series design. If .308 were cheap as hell they would be a first choice.


They are not really reloading friendly - most destroy brass, and custom loads can cycle funky with the roller delayed blowback.


I always wanted an FAL, but ended up with the .308 M77 when they dipped close to $500 - could not resist.

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outstanding fire arm used multiple brands shot best with cheap ammo,had a bad take down experience ,bolt refused to go back in u tube helped me out, would recommend this rifle to all of you that could handle 12 lb ,same kick as ar10

j p would show picks but don't know how

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will the port buffer help save my thumb,i'm a lefty and I think the shell casings brush the top of my thumb

How is your thumb anywhere near the EJ port? Ejection without the buffer is out the right @ 2 o'clock about 10 yards. The buffer will eject to the right at about 1 o'clock 2-5 yards

Don't they have a fluted chamber?, the PTR91. Isn't that what makes the brass unreloadable?

No. It just stripes the casing with powder streaks that tumbling will remove. I usually only shoot steel case. The EJ port lip will dent the cartridge upon extraction and sometimes leave a flat area on the case mouth.

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If .308 ammo was as cheap as x39, I'd be all over a PTR-91.

Too expensive to stock much ammo for it.

there will be a time in the very near future where you will see 7.62 nato coming in at bargain basement prices. don't need to shoot it all the time. just be good with it. if you don't have your nato rifles, you may want to get at least one, even if it's a 9mm


good luck


fuckin man cave with no women around..... nice!

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