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Legion Saiga 12 030 Taktika magazine fitment issues

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I recently picked up a Legion Saiga 12 030 Taktika and have been having some magazine fitment issues. Out of the box the factory 4 rounder had to be slapped once or twice with a good amount of force to get it to lock once inserted into the magwell. I didn't think too much about it at first but after picking up 2 factory 8 rounders and 4 SGM 10 rounders the problem has persisted and I'm not 100% sure how to remedy it. I've inserted and removed the mags a good amount to try and break them in but that has not seemed to help. Any known quick fixes for this? I'm assuming I will have to sand the magwell or something of that nature but wanted to get some opinions first.

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File the mags themselves or file the top of the mag latch. Which is better is debatable.


Sunnybean is correct.  You can file the rear plastic lugs on the mags or the top of metal mag catch to achieve your goal.  Either will work fine.  Its your choice.  As far as being debatable and which one is better though....... here is my 2 cents.  I personally have about 12 mags for my Vepr/Saiga 030 guns.  They are a mix of Molot 8 rounders, Saiga 030 mags, and SGM.  All of my mags are totally interchangable between any of my Saiga 030/Vepr guns because they all have the same length mag catch.  All it cost me was a little elbow grease with a small file.  However, if i did screw up or take too much material off of the catch I can simply buy a replacement mag catch from CSS for $30.  On the other hand, if you get carried away filing away the plastic on an original Molot or Saiga 8 rounder your FUCKED and just sent well over $100 down the drain in todays market.  Yeah, you can do some plastic soldering and other bullshit like that to fix them, but that just makes me cringe thinking about it.  My suggestion is to stick with the mag catch.026.gif

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I swapped all my catches to JTE and modified the mags.




This allowed me to used the factory 030 mags in all my guns without having any vertical slop. Modifying the catches to the shorter Molot catch would not have alleviated this.


Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

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Excellent answers already given.  Perhaps a somewhat scary learning curve with the Saiga.  As end owners we are responsible for lots of stuff.  The mag fitting and fix is fun and easy.  Only basic house hold hand tools are needed.  Actually better using such than powered hobby type rotary tools as powered tools cut very fast and you may only need to remove just a little bit of material.  Mags only at first.  Do not touch the gun.  Also consider trying many other different manufacture mags FIRST to see if it is indeed the mags ... and not the mag well or mag catch.


Also do not confuse an empty mag fit with the bolt closed with a full mag fit with the bolt closed ... vs open.  Big difference.  Have fun.  Remember it is important to be able to get ALL the Zombies! :)


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