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Just ordered a square back 308

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So I ordered a square back 308 and figured I'd take to the board for some info. Everything on the inter tube has brought me to just ask the advice of this wise board. Now I kno with the proper adjustments a standard ak stock can be made to fit the vepr. In the event I am unable to obtain a wasr (psl type) stock, is it possible to modify the psl stock to fit the square back vepr receiver?

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I was super pumped about it. Even more pumped when the boss gave me permission to get it lol. Probably won't have any pics up for a few months when I can get it how I want but the board will be the first to see it.

Mine is a slant cut and will be wearing SVD furniture in tiger maple very soon.


Centerfire has all the veprs for $499.  out of the 12s


looks like the price came down after the ban

I have to give Centerfire kudos for selling those at 499. They could have asked a lot more and still sold out. I have never understood why the square backs went for less than the slant backs. They were more popular and lent themselves to more conversion options. But one thing I noticed even before the ban was that slant backs were on average ~100-200 bucks more expensive than their square back counterparts in caliber and barrel lengths.


I had my finger over the place order for three more from Centerfire while they were still in stock, but common sense got the better of me....divorce lawyer attorney fees would have grossly inflated the price. :), and my passion is becoming a sickness.

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