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My cousin is deployed and I asked him to find me a badass prayer rug depicting the russian conflict.


Hope he finds one, but are there any special handling instructions he needs to be concerned with since its a religious item? Just don't want him in any trouble he has a bright future ahead as a blackhawk mechanic.

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Why not? I am curious why you are curious, but they are a badass collectible piece of history, and I am interested in Russian history. They are a common desirable item on the ak forum, and can cost a high penny when they are sold. 


I just don't see why it is even a question.

 and may I shamelessly plug and request you guys visit and comment on my pistol sight thread I just posted. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/95144-shopping-for-pistol-night-sights-opinions-please/

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Matthew Hopkins, I take it you have experience buying such an item? Have you ever been to Afghanistan? They make their own AKs in mud huts utilizing 10 year old boys for builders. These rugs are everywhere and are a part of their history. Why in the fuck would they import them from China and sell them to GIs for a couple of bucks, literally?

No special handling needed. I used one for a plain old rug next to my rack to keep my bare feet out of the dirt over there.

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So the kid wants a rug. Seems like there are a lot of people who have something to say about it but nobody has yet to answer his questions.


Edited: Well I guess MT Predator did. Now how about we all just shut the hell up.

Edited by HighPlainsDrifter
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Thanks hpd. Can't stand people posting yet nothing contribution wise. It's none of your business really why I want one but it's already covered in post #7.


But to entertain you, the russian conflict rugs and the people in general aren't anti USA. That's just propaganda. The people that are working with my cousin to get this rug are very pro USA.


It's not just a rug, it is a hand made, part of military history, and they go for a decent amount of money. If it depicts AK on it even better.


I don't even know why I bother to reply, must be the buzz talking. Go away

Thanks for your useless contribution voltia

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It's like some people would rather shit post(a rule violation btw) than actually answer the question and help. Usually I include this disclaimer at the op but after my first two weeks of college homework I'm partying on the weekends.so it slipped my mind.

Why do people collect Japanese or German military history? Or confederate items cost so much money? Why do people have Mexican blankets?

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Beefcake, I am not sure how you don't know this, being a moderator, but there's no bar set for a post being useful or not.


Oh, and a moderator shit talking people is also against the rules, if you really want to go whipping out the rulebook. Me personally, I don't care,

go ahead if you want.


Besides, my post was useful. I'll repeat: it's just a rug. Roll it up and mail it.


However, I'd be very careful displaying it. I know you're trying for that worldly college kid tapestry on the dorm room wall thing, which is a

tried and true method to getting the poonyanny, but considering the political clime, you may get an ass beating if the wrong person sees it.

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My humble and feeble observations on this thread is that we are becoming quiet angry with each other. I am wondering how or why. I can not see any specific triggers other than answers intending to help or clarify often being taken out of context. I also am wondering if this is intentional or just stuff that happens here on this excellent forum? Is somebody jerking our collective chains here? That I do not understand and may not like. Or...is it that we as a group are somewhat preoccupied right now? Henry. Just me

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sounds kinda like the same shit I get from collecting war trophy items from different wars. you don't like my nazi rifle? well, my grandpa got it for me the hard way. you don't like the flip flops from nam? too fuckin bad.


he will not have any problem taking one home.


pack it in pork as stated above and enjoy your new floor mat.


you can also use it as cover, to blend in with the enemy when they invade america.

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