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Shopping for pistol night sights, opinions please

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I am finally about to order night sights for my od glock 19.  I have narrowed it down to Trijicon Bright & tough, and Trijicon HD. There are other very viable options but I need help deciding a few things.


1: green on green or green with yellow rears? I kinda like the green on green but haven't ever played with either. I know we had another thread but this is a little more specific. 


2: Point me to the best deals to get these to my door please. 


Thanks for any input, hope all you experienced will chime inbig_smile.gif


Please and thank you 


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I've the Trijicon HD sights, these are very nice night/High Vis sights.


They do however take some getting used to, they are not accuracy sights, they are combat sights.
You do not use a 6o'clock, Center of Mass, White Line, Flat Tire or any of the various holds and whatever Tom, Dick or Harry is calling them.
For these you use a Bullseye sight pic, cover the bullseye with the FS dot.
I tell ya, breaking several years habit of using the same sight pic on my EDC, was a bitch!


The Front Sight Blade, with its dual Tritium dot and photoluminescent colored ring is very bright, incredibly fast target acquisition!
The rear sight is a wide U shape and has plenty of room, the front settles into it FAST!


Green/Green with high-vis Yellow.







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I have the Hd's, green front, yellow rear and concur with Chile.


The only thing I can add to this thread is do NOT get orange vials.  IMO, Trijicon's dirty little secret is in the fine print in which orange is only guaranteed for 5 years in contrast to the 10-12 for the yellow and green.


I got mine from optics planet through amazon.

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I ordered a set of the ameriglo ghost ring night sights for my 32, they look neato, thought i'd give em a whirl. $77 from Brownells.



Haven't received them yet, so no review from me.


Edit, super easy to change too. I used a baseball bat, hammer and dial calipers. I wish Glock used a dovetail front sight mount instead of the screw.

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Metprolight on my kimber are bright, ive also used trijicons bright and tough abd they are nice. It's hard to go wrong witha good brand name. I have never tried the different color front but od bet it would help since your front sight is the most important part.

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since nobody really has a clue about Israeli military shit over here, you can get a better sight for less money here.




when you buy you shit, make sure it's fresh from the distributor. the rule is ten years and you chuck it.


hydrogen three aka tritium is a gas in a tube that wears out in about ten to 14 years, then you are fucked like in the case of my meprolight reflex that will have to wait to go back to israel.


trijicon replaces shit in their scopes, it's not worth it in the irons.


good luck and take your time getting the right ones. have someone who has done a few do it. or go get that silly little glock tool.

well, I guess monty knows.... but then again. he knows about shit.... :)

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