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 The Migratory Bird Act requires all bird hunting with shotguns to a maximum of 3 rounds in the gun at all times in the field. This is true for pumps and semi autos.


The Saiga 12 shotgun comes standard with a 5 rd magazine from the factory and some that have the factory LRBHO come with a 4 round mag.

Izhmash also makes an 8 rd and a 2rd mag but these are rare items to find in the US. I have a couple of the original 2 rd hunting mags as well as others I've made myself from cut down and plastic welded 5rd mags. I used to make and sell these.


 It isn't worth the expense or the trouble when I also have a galvanized steel wire insert based on the original Russian mag capacity limiter's design, which can be installed or removed in minutes to go from 5 or 4 rds to 2 rds and back, using the original mags that come with the shotgun and most folks have sitting around not even using.


These capacity limiters are guaranteed to function flawlessly in any 5rd mag made for the Russian Saiga or Vepr shotguns..... all models. Not bringing home that prized bird from the hunt can be quite disheartening if your gun jams or misfeeds, causing you to miss the shot.


 Don't be that guy! Order your original Cobra's Custom mag limiters today! Be hunting in less than a week and doing it right.


 They are still the same $5 each that I've charged for making them over the past 8 years. Never had one single complaint.....ever.


**EDIT to add >>   Just in case all you happen to have are those evil "high capacity" stick mags, or for some reason you just want to show up in the field with your Evil AK Shotty with "banana clip" hanging down... 021.gif  ... well we can accommodate for that too with your own special 2rd limiter. 

 If you happen to live in some commie state that won't allow mags over 5 rds but you still want to use your badass "10 or 12rd" mags anyway, we can do that for you as well. I can make these limiters any size, for any custom capacity the mag body will hold. Just let me know by PM and we can work it out. These will prolly cost a little extra depending on what is involved and how much more time & material it costs me.**


Post here and / or PM with orders and I will get right back to you with the details.


 Happy Hunting!  032.gif

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Most 030/040's sold by legionUSA came with factory 4 round magazine. No, you cannot get 5 rounds in this mag. Will your limiter work in these mags?


Yes i just need to actually have one here to use for the custom length to make a pattern from. Then I could offer them for the Legion imports too. I've just never seen one and wasn't sure why I saw the Russians referring to them as 4 rd mags.From the photos they appear the same as normal 5 rd Izzy mags. Maybe they just have a longer follower added? It would be much easier and cheaper for them to make a new follower design than a whole new mold for the bodies.

 If that is the case then the limiters I already have would work fine.


 This would be easy to determine by taking out the followers from a 4 and a 5 rdr and compare them. If they are longer it would also be easy to shorten the legs of the follower to make it hold 5 rds. I don't know how that would effect the LRBHO feature though, which is the only reason I can think of they may have changed the capacity if it caused some problem...

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