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My 5.45 is conversion

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I'm happy with it. Feels much better shooting it now. Thinking about doing the same with the Veprnov 223. Hard to decide, but I have plenty of time to make my mind up.


Turned out pretty nice.


Nice dude! What kind of mag is that?


Tapco 10 rounder.

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Looks nice.  I am doing a VEPR 7.62x39 now.  Just waiting on Dinzag for some of the parts.  Any chance on getting a close up picture of the stock and the DPH adapter?  I am working on getting the wood stock that they put on VEPR 12 to fit on my 7.62.  It is pretty close.  I had to file some off the DPH adapter to get it look flush with the receiver.  I have been working on re-contouring the stock because the bottom and sides hang past the receiver.  I tried using a Romanian laminate wood stock, but the sides and bottom of the stock were bellowing over the receiver.  I ended up contour sanding that stock too.  I don't know which one I will keep.  It has been a learning experience.  I believe this is a common issue with fitting AK stock on VEPR.  The pictures on Atlantic's website of the Russian Red VEPR in 7.62 show how much of a gap when IWD wood set is installed.   

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