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Arsenal SM-13 or RSRegulate 310 w/AKR

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Hi guys -

Newb here from GA with a new Saiga IZ 132 I purchased last month. Just had to have an AK variant that could eat up & spit out that cheap 7.62x39 steel case Russian ammo. Plan on using it primarily for paper punching from a bench at my range, since I have other AR setups and long ranged bolt actions. Decided not to do the conversion, but added a thumbhole adjustable skeleton stock and an SGM tri-rail forearm, I'll prolly leave it at that. Never thought I could get attached to an AK variant like this, but this Russian babe has me under her spell! Really was surprised how well she shoots with the irons, and I'm not even an iron sights type of guy.


I am intending to mount either a 3x9 Leupold VX-1 or a Redfield Revolution 4x12 on her. Was thinking about a POSP, but don't like the reticles. I know that either is a lot of scope for this gun, but I'm a senior citizen and my eyes have seen better days.  The question is, after doing a lot of research on side scope mounts - would I be better off with an -


Arsenal SM-13  OR

RSRegulate 310 w/AKR Picatinny mount


I'm looking for an easily detachable mount I can take on and off without losing zero, is rock solid and lightweight, and would be easy for me to mount and initially zero. I like the lock-in lever on the RS, does not protrude (as opposed to the SM-13), but I can see where the modular RS system could be more complicated to set up. 


I plan on purchasing one of the two, so was wondering what some of you optics mounting experts or those that may have these would advise.

From what I've heard, this forum is the most knowledgeable if you're looking for some Saiga advice and experienced opinions.





Sorry - meant to post this in the Saiga 7.62x39 section - can I get help from a moderator to move this.........


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I like your weapon.  I have the Saiga factory Druganov stock for mine when I am in free america instead of California.  The swivel cheek rest works perfect: down with irons and up with scope.  The Midwest Indusries mount is low profile and works very well.  Easy to mount and dismount, with no loss of zero.  Russian made mounts work pretty well, but a lot of fakes out there.

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