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My Definitive Arms Saiga .223

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Every time I gaze at this thing, I swell with pride! I thought I'd share this with you fine genetlemen.


This is my Defintive Arms Saiga .223, customized from start to finish to my specifications. I can't even begin to laud this company's craftsmanship, attention to detail and incredible customer support/communication.


To begin with, Chase at Definitive Arms, is one the most pleasant and knowledgable chaps you'll ever come across in the AK world. He was in constant communication with me and informed me of all progress being done on the rifle. The fit an finish of the Saiga is flawless. The deep black parkerization is as smoot as velvet and remarkably durable even under the gritty, arid conditions of my west Texas locale. The trigger is crisp and authoritative, achieving 2" groups at 175-200 yds. It happily consumes all ammunition I've had on hand from 62gr. M855, Wolf steel-cased .55gr., Winchester 60gr. frangibles, etc. I am one enormously content customer.


Some basic specs on the part loadout for anyone who's interested:


14.5" barrel with 2.225" Precision Armament AFAB-Mini compensator permantently affixed.

Krebs UFM Keymod Rail w / polymer rail attachments and Magpul XTM covers

Primary Arms MD-06 Micro-dot

Novekse keymod QD sling mount

Echo93 V1 sling mount (mounts between pistol grip and receiver)





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How long did you have to wait on the list?


My M85NP has a polymer AR15 mag adapter...I wished that DA would offer that mag adapter in other AKs.  They keep on saying they will, but it's been a couple of years and I still do not believe that they offer it other than the Saiga 223.

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I feel cheated!!!




DA wasn't offering all these cool things when I've got mine in their very first batch. Still goes strong and "bangs" each time I pull the trigger. No freaking excuses. Any ammo, anytime, any weather. 


That's a porn star in its prime time you've got there. Post more pictures, so I could print 'em out and bound into the bathroom booklet (JK!). 


Enjoy and run it hard, just the way it meant to be.


Happy Shooting!

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