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Field Ballistics smart phone app

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That looks very interesting. I have used the Nikon Spot On app for the ballistics calculator, and it allows you to enter most of the data including incline, but you have to do it manually. It works well for my needs, but doesn't automatically plug in a lot of the data like this app does. I don't know how I feel about using the data and location services on my phone to store data on my shooting sessions, capabilities, and training sessions. Smart phones are revolutionizing nearly every facet of life, but I feel we are throwing away every ounce of privacy with them, the more advanced the technology becomes.


I look forward to hearing your experience with it and review.

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I use " Shooter " ( ballistic calculator) on my IPhone.


It works very well. It asks for a lot of data to get set up but It's all relevant for calculation. Once input it's super fast and easy to use in the field. ( just dial in the distance and wind and the firing solution is instantly there on the screen)


It does have a long list of features and will sync up with the local weather station for current conditions, altitude, barometric pressure , look angle( using the inclinometer in the phone),longitude for Coriolis effect, wind speed and angle, etc. etc.


A built in GPS distance calc would be handy but it doesn't have that feature in it

I use a golf app called "Distance map" for GPS ranging which BTW works quite well.


The obvious down side is if you're out of service area it's useless. You can however print a dope card for an infinite verity of conditions and range so there is that.


I've heard it won't work with IOS 8.

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No Windows Phone version.

That sucks,


I was wondering about that. I know it works for android and iPhone. Then I noticed you use windows after I posted.

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I don't shoot long range much right now....I just thought it was cool. When I was, it would have been nice, along with a Kestrel for wind doping.

@ 1KM, wind can put your round clear off your target and on to the lane next to you!

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