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Under $500 night vision optics - you got one? opinions?

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So thinking about hog hunting, does anyone have any experience good/bad with any of the under $500 options available these days?


Are they sturdy?  Keep zero?

get them wile they available, have one for years ,zeroed once, took it of and on from my PSL never lost zero


hunt hogs with it, can see them ,200+yards,head shots 50-100 yards. use sticks or prone ,its one heavy sob smile.png



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Just get the newest Photon Digital. It runs right at the $500 mark, it is plenty good for hog hunting, and handles both recoil and flash well. Image quality is roughly that of a low to mid Gen 2 unit (but WAY better than any Gen 1 unit I have seen). With the built-in IR you are good out to about 75 yards and with a good external IR good to 200 yards pretty easily. Only down-side to the Photon is the Field of View sucks. It is half the FoV of my traditional Gen 2+ scope but the Photon is also only 1/3 the cost. For someone on a budget, it is still the best option. My opinion is that traditional Gen 1 units will completely dry up over the next 3-4 years as cheap digital units take over (and in many cases they already have).   

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