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Mullet Man

POSP 4x, 6x, 8x, 3-9x42 on your v54r....what are you using and why?

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Apparently everyone is using irons!! You badasses. We'll my eyes suck. I tried a posp 4x that came with a saiga .308 I bought. It fits perfectly on the saiga, but seems to register or index too far back on the side rail. The vepr 54r seems to have side mount that looks like my psl had, and much less like a standard ak mount. We'll I thought there was SVD or ak, and the SVD mount put the optic too low to not hit the rear leaf sight. So I would like to hear someone's combo that works well. I'd hate to have to just buy an rs mount/vortex scope. I would prefer to keep Russian glass on a Russian gun. But there's. Pearly something I'm missing about the mounting setup.

Speel. Chek. Lol *will hit the rear leaf sight, *clearly missing something

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I ended up purchasing that one. Its a tight fit on the side rail and at first wasn't seating all the way forward but I was finally able to get it to go. I think some of the coating was really thick on the rail contact surfaces of the optic, or there was a burr it was hanging up on. Haven't got to sight it in yet.


I have the same SVD clone 54r from Atlantic that you have. I hate that you can't use the irons with that butt stock.

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I have a pks-07 on my 54r. I primarily use it for range time, although that sucker is pretty hefty. I have used it for some hog hunting here in Tx. It's the new version thats centered over the bore and uses lithium coin battery. Like it so far.

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