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NFA Firearms Use In Three, (3) Gun Matches ...

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Is it practical to consider using a NFA SBS S12 in three, (3) gun matches? Inside Oregon I can imagine it being somewhat easy, but what about traveling across state lines to certain states that allow NFA firearm use?


Would the BATFE permission and permit question hassles for traveling out of state outweight any practical match benefits? Can and has it been done before and if soss, how much of a problem or concern is it?


Another question might be do most, some, none or do all three gun match organizations even allow the use of NFA stuff, like SBR, SBS, automatic rifles, sub guns, machine pistols, etc.? I do not know.


Thank you. HB of CJ (old coot) I love this Forum! smile.png All US Code Laws And NFA Rules Apply.

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In my experience, paperwork for interstate travel is completely shall-issue - you just tell nanny where you're going and what states you'll be passing through and you get your permission slip.

I have no idea what the 3-gun rules are like, as I've only participated in one match in my life, and it was pretty poorly run - not sure which organization it was under, and they didn't seem to give a shit about much, including safety.

I have seen videos of NFA stuff used in 3-gun matches, but never a short-barreled shotgun. I've seen suppressors on rifles and at least one SBR.

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Yes you can use NFA items in most any 3 gun match but it must comply with the rules and none that I know of, except perhaps Ironman, will allow them to be used on Full Auto, has to be used Semi-Auto.  I do know that Robert Wright from R&R uses one of his short barreled Saigas for 3 gun and shotgun matches.  He's running a 14" barrel on the Saiga.  I have run my suppressed AR at a few local 3 gun matches, but the gun is set up for short range and I use my 20" JP at the big matches and it is heavy enough without a suppressor.



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