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I need your help... my photo is in the SilencerCo 'Living in the Red' contest, and I need your vote! I'm a longshot, the underdog, the fat kid to be picked last! SilencerCo has a contest, for 'bugout bags and readiness'. I put mine in, with a few 'fun' additions (and subtractions), and lo and behold my photo was one of around 80 to be picked. Now it's up to Internet voting to pick the winner(s). Help me win!!!

Here is the link: http://www.silencerco.com/living-in-the-red/?mc_cid=14d9c7497e&mc_eid=54fea7193e

And there is no good way to tell you which photo is mine - their position changes as votes are cast. You have to find it by the name - hold your mouse over the images until you find bugout(1) and that'll be mine. Here is a direct link to the image so you know what to look for and make it faster/easier to find: http://www.silencerco.com/wp-content/gallery/living-in-the-red/bugout1.jpg

Pass this request to any and all!! I need votes!!!! You can vote once a day, for a week. If I win, come up and go fishing with me and we'll take the suppressors with us for some fun!

Of course, if YOUR photo is in the contest, you can still vote for me... [biggrin.png]

BTW, I was allowed to enter 3 photos, the other 2 of which had either my Saiga12 or 7.62 but they picked the AR... go figure.

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if your photo is the best of the lot, then of course I will vote for you. but I'm not going to vote for you just because you come on here and solicit   votes for yourself.   that would be like me voting YES for a school  tax levy increase just because the signs say, "it's for the children".


BTW, if you can take constructive criticism, your stuff looks all bunched up and disorganized,  really can't tell what you have in the "hoarder's pile" 3/4 of your picture. which is what I would look for in voting what contents you would take with you, which is pretty much the important part of a so-called "bug out bag". a nicely laid out display of what you are taking would garner you votes. either that or scantly clad hottie with your stuff. laugh.png

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considering that I had 20 minutes to submit the photo, I think my tossing of everthing on the floor turned out better than it could have!

And yes, I'm asking for votes. I want to win 3 free suppressors. Who wouldn't? There are a lot of great photos in the contest - if I had known about this sooner, I would have gotten everything together and taken it out on my boat, anchored in some super scenic bay with mountains and a morning fog, then placed everything on the back deck in a well thought out and organized way. And had a hottie in a bikini! LOL

In reality, I did my weekly check of my spam filter, and found the email about the contest. I had to submit the photo in the next 20 minutes, so what I got is what I got. Quite frankly, I'm very surprised to be in the finals (they said they had hundreds of entries)... maybe it was adding the cigars, or the booze, or the fact that I have a pack and food for my dog to go with me. Dunno, but I'm doing what I can to win.

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