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R&R Targets Competition Open For Sale

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R&R Targets Competition 12 gauge open shotgun 200 rounds thru it. Used only a few times at range and sat as a safe queen since. Comes with 4 fitted magazines & 400 rounds. $3000


Here is how it is configured and what work is performed:

#1.  Completely disassemble the shotgun, not one part is left alone.

#2.  RandRTargets machines/welds the following;

#3.  Install and fit the following R and R Targets custom made Saiga parts;

#4.  Install/fit the following parts;


-Weld/fill in holes in the receiver and mill new slots for the safety,magazine release and stock adapter
-Weld/fill in the original gas ports in the barrel
-Mill in new gas ports for a shortened gas system
-Shorten the gas system and polish/fit
-Mill gas ports for the compensator
-Ream the forcing cone for more uniform shot and less felt recoil
-Cut barrel so there are no threads on the exterior end
-Cut and thread barrel to accept Remington chokes
-Cut bolt and bolt carrier to accept a loaded magazine without holding the bolt back
-Polish and smooth action


Install Custom Parts
-RandRTargets AR 15 Stock Adaptor
-RandRTargets Trigger Guard / Grip Adaptor
-RandRTargets Magazine Well
-RandRTargets Magazine Release (left side of SG for a RH shooter)
-RandRTargets 2" X 11” Vented Handguard
-RandRTargets Double Shotgun Barrel Compensator ( Approved by original designer, JP Rifles )
-RandRTargets Scope Base


-Veltor collapsible stock
-Ergo Grip
-Burris Fast fire sight
-Briley Improved choke
-Tapco trigger, straighten the trigger and perform a trigger job
-Ceramic coating of barrel and frame
-Fitted Surefire magazine




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