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Happy Birthday Racegal20! And evlblkwpnz too?

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beer.gif  030.gif   Wishing the very happiest of birthdays to my Sandi girl and what an AWESOME present the American voters just stepped up and gave her and all of us! Hopefully a good start to making up some for the most rotten B Day present she ever got on this day in 2008.   bad_egg.gif 

Here's to a new beginning and first step to taking our country back from the Libtardian Democrapper party!  Evl it sounds like you are also celebrating!

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I appreciate it. It was awesome on many levels. It was actually November 2. I had my profile in stealth mode, lol.


.... and Happy Birthday to Gal!

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Thanks everyone.  Had just about the best day in quite some time.  It really sucks sometimes having a BD so close to election time but this time wasn't one of them!  I had to work so I couldn't stay up and watch the results but turned the TV on as soon as I got up.  All I needed to see was 52 seats and that's all it took.  The most important thing to happen this election cycle was firing Reid from his leadership position and that's what happened!  Yaaaaaayyyy!!!!!!!

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