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WA initiative 594 compliance/violation flowchart.

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So this nonsense happened.




This chart explains it best. (made by the folks at Northwestfirearms.com)




To download the chart in full rez, click here, then right click and [save as]



a few legally vague concepts that leave us in limbo:(Just the first few to come to mind) <These might be in the definitions of the statute. I need to read through it again.>


  1. What is an 'established shooting range"? If the range does not have a "governing body" is everything golden or nothing? Is having a body what it takes to make an established range? If you've had a backdrop with a few target holders for 15 years in your back yard, is that an established range, with you as the governing body?
  2. What is "immediate family"? - These might be in the definitions of the statute. I need to read through it again.- "
         (3) "Family or household members" means spouses, former spouses, persons who have a child in common regardless of whether they have been married or have lived together at any time, adult persons related by blood or marriage, adult persons who are presently residing together or who have resided together in the past, persons sixteen years of age or older who are presently residing together or who have resided together in the past and who have or have had a dating relationship, persons sixteen years of age or older with whom a person sixteen years of age or older has or has had a dating relationship, and persons who have a biological or legal parent-child relationship, including stepparents and stepchildren and grandparents and grandchildren."
  3. When is the end of a shooting competition? Is it anytime that day as people are packing up or the last run you do on a stage at the beginning of the day if you are the first shooter up, the second they hand out awards, the last time an RO declares "range safe"....?
  4. under section 3(f) how much supervision is necessary for  "under the direct supervision and control " - the section authorizes supervised temporary transfer to minors, but not to.
  5. ditto for hunting. Are we in direct supervision if we lose line of sight during the hunt? What if we are 200 yards away but I can see you? We know we are boned if you ever accidentally step outside hunting area by a foot.

Effective date is 12/4/14





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Designed to confuse and scare you so badly that you will no longer want to take the chance of breaking the law, so you might as well just get rid of yer guns. This is what we get with communism....fuken sad. Same shit they pulled with the ACA, it WILL be a single payer system....very soon.

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"like wow man, guns are bad, man. take a toke man, and just chill, man"


hey, look at it this way, they may have stomped on your rights, but  you can legally toke up and not care about it.






021.gif 021.gif 021.gif021.gif 021.gif  

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