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Has anyone change their pistol grip on vepr 12?

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Yep. The screw is "staked" to the pistol grip nut. make sure you are using the correct size screw driver, one that fits damn near perfectly with no slop. Gonne take some effort to remove. I've seen one suggestion on here to put the screwdriver in a vise and turn the gun around it for leverage.  

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Thanks y'all. Y'all kinda took long to reply so while I waited I kept messing with it I used a flat head drill bit grabbed it with some vice grips and it started goin but even after loosening it every turn took a good amount of force. Mulletman I saw the "staking" can I used another grip screw if I ever wanted to re install it or is that screw specific for that grip?

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I discarded the factory vepr screw. I'd recommend the Allen head screw from carolina shooters supply. Much easier to install than the flat head type screws.

Edit; not to mention the staked screw will be a mofo to reuse.

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I counter drill it from the inside. Comes off like a wet dream.


Jesus. Now ya tell me. I thought I just had a lemon of a pistol grip screw. I ended up drilling and dremeling the shit out of that thing to get it off and basically destroyed the Molot PG.


Between the staked PG screw (for what reason in the annals of Kalashikov production?), the irritating hand guard and the painful thumb extension on the safety lever, whoever created the Vepr 12 must have been a sadist!

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