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Differences in newer batch?

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Just curious if anyone else has had this experience with newer Saigas. This is the second Saiga .223 I've converted. The first one had uniform diameter trigger and trigger bar pin/rivets and needed the mag catch filed to take anything but proprietary mags. My new one is a May 2014 build. The rivets are smaller (0.175" instead of closer to 3/16") and have a shoulder at the expansion point (0.160"). There isn't a head on the left side of the rivet like my first Saiga. Also, the mag catch is apparently already milspec. It looked like my factory mag had a thicker than usual tab so I tried locking in my 75rd Korean 7.62x39 drum and guess what - it locked right in. Weird.


Also kudos to Dinzag again, another easy bullet guide install.

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The pin is any a couple thou bigger at the end that normally has a head. The pin is ~0.175-0.177" except for that step at the end where it's ~0.159-0.160".


Haven't seen one like that before. Not really a bad idea though.


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Don't know what to tell you about the trigger bar pins, but my 09 "match striker" .223 has both magwell dimples, and also accepts all 7.62x39 mags with no mods to the rifle. When I started out with it a few years back, I was always sort of wondering what everyone was talking about with regards to modding the mag latch. Never had to touch a thing on this one.

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If the mag catch spacer/shim is thinner on the earlier models, that might explain why the earlier ones work better with steel Galil mags. Their main issue in mine is that the rear sits too low, but only by about 1-2mm or so. If what you experienced was the case for all older .223 models, the older models probably let them seat at the correct height.

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