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Saiga 20 Barrel Bulge

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I have had my Saiga 20 for maybe 7 years and put only about 200 rounds through it. Recently I noticed a very slight ring-bulge on the barrel. I don't know how/why this could have happened. I only shoot 2-3/4"  20ga rounds. I wonder if this is an unusual case, or if anyone has had the same problem.


My problem is that the bulge is about 12.5" from the base of the barrel so I can't simply cut the barrel below that spot without making it a short-barrel shotgun and paying the $200ish tax. I would rather not go that route, and I think I prefer a full length barrel anyway.


Does anyone know where I might be able to find a replacement barrel new, or used? 


Anyone planning to make your Saiga 20 into a SBS and care to trade barrels first? I'm willing to pay reasonably.



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If you can find the right the RIGHT gunsmith that looks fixable. NOT CHEAP to do. Requires making a steel bar just smaller than barrel diameter, then rolling the barrel on an anvil while cold forging the bulge out (Basically beating the fuck out of the bulge with a hammer. Then the whole thing needs to be refinished.


Forgot to add - the steel bar goes inside while beating on the barrel, an internal anvil. These barrels are cold hammer forged  in the factory.

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