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and you think you got problems……….

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I turned off that video after about 1 minute or so. Too hard to watch. Was the driver having a stroke or something? A medication side effect? Was he/her drunk or stoned? Nobody can be that bad of driver or show such poor judgment ... yet here we have the video. Was it some how stagged? A senor moment or moments?


If ... that driver was just stupid, makes me wonder how he/she got and keeps a drivers license. How the insurance company still insures. Maybe they canceled. Anyhow, a cool video on how not to drive. Lin e er thinking not outside the box? Must be a liberal? Never considered going the other way? HB of CJ (old coot) sad.png:(


Edit; I for one and for what it is worth, always try to park where I can just pull forward and away without having to back up. Even I know that much. Backing up is bad ... even for me. Too embarrassing to discuss. Ah SHIT!!! smile.pngsmile.png

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Wow ... hit and run. Now I know why MY insurance is so gosh darn high. People like he or she make it so. What makes it even more scary is that it is Canada. One would think they are used to driving in stuff like that. If it were me, I would have just stayed home or walked ... carefully. A broken hip right now would not be good. How do people stand such weather? Just me. HB of CJ (old coot) SW OR USA


Edit; Did you see how that guy kept his distance and just motioned with his hand? That implies, (?) there were TWO people in that white car? How much damage was done to the red car? I bet that owner was pissed. smile.png

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